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BRR Boat Rental

For your Sumilon Island Tour and for your scuba diving activity.
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Bangcogon Diving Shop

Enjoy our 10% discount for Whaleshark, Sumilon Island and any diving spot. We are PCCSD Certified.

With White and Blue Boat

For our boat rental discount please call +63 9438747824 and look Ms. Haidee.
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We make the
best for all our

It's a vacation, after all!

Let's go to Sumilon! It is a 10-minute boat ride from the resort. Let’s board our BRR boats through our Boat Rental services. Take your beachwear and goggles with you! Bring in snacks and our fiesta bilao. The island welcomes you to a fine sandbar.

Then, let’s get up close and personal with the marine life. Let’s scuba dive and be amazed. Our divemasters have the best diving spots; you’ll surely make friends with the fish, sea turtles, and the gentle giants—the whale sharks.

1-5 person = Php 1,500.00
6-10 person = Php 2,000.00
11-15 person = Php 2,500.00
16-20 person = Php 3,000.00
Plus Php 100.00/head for entrance fee
All in Package: Gears, Dive Master, Entrance Fee and Boat
3 Dives (All in Package) = Php 5,000.00/diver
2 Dives (All in Package) = Php 3,500.00/diver
1 Dive (All in Package) = Php 2,500.00/diver

Php 2,500.00/diver
(Inclusion: Dive Master, Entrance Fee and Gears)
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For your stay with us
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Room Accommodation

Enjoy our 5% discount for all room accommodation
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We, at Bangcogon Resort and Restaurant, aim to provide a service that revolves around practicality and convenience. We understand that a true vacation is seamless and all-in-one. With our Rooms and Accommodation, we provide a place for you to recharge and recoup. Conveniently located on both the seafront and island front, where the sea and the sky easily meet, the freshness of sea air gives off a calming effect. You will receive special privileges and discounts every time you stay with us.